A wood fence installed on your yard is a great way to improve your landscape. Residential fencing isn’t all that expensive, it’s not too difficult to install, and it can provide major benefits — but a lot of homeowners never have wood fencing, or any style fencing, for that matter, installed in their property.

You can work with a fence installation company and have a beautiful wooden fence built right on your landscape. Keep in mind, different jurisdictions may require residential fencing to be set either two, four, six, or eight inches from the neighboring property line. Once installed, however, wood fence will give your home and property a significant boost in appearance and even increase the overall value. You need to constantly be taking care of your wood fencing, though.

Here are some excellent tips for taking better care of your property’s wooden fence:

  • Power wash your fence — Power washing is a great way to keep your fence clean. Simply connect a garden hose and the power washer hose to the machine and spray all over your fence. Make sure you’re keeping the sprayer moving, however, so you’re not power washing one area too much and causing damage. Also, it’s best to keep the sprayer about 18 inches away from the fence and move it up and down (and then side to side).


  • Address minor repairs immediately — Even the smallest crack in your fence can end up ruining its integrity. If you notice any damaged area, use waterproof glue to repair the damaged pieces. Clamp or tape the pieces firmly together to provide proper maintenance.


  • Roll a section of fence stain — Staining your fence is another great way to improve its look and increase its durability. Roll your fence stain coat in 3-foot sections and then use a bristle brush to brush the stain into the wood grain and all the corners and gaps. Additionally, brush out any drips or runs on the wood fence.


If you want to learn more about taking care of your wooden fence or work with an experienced residential fence installation company, give Durham Fence Co a call right away.