When it comes to electric gates and residential fencing, there are plenty of privacy and security advantages. It looks a lot more conspicuous when someone is attempting to break into your home while they’re climbing over a fence, providing a security deterrent. Additionally, the fencing will significantly increase your home’s privacy measures.

Cost is an advantage, as well, as the average minimum cost of a six-foot privacy fence is roughly $7 per linear foot of material.

These outdoor housing figures offer much more advantages than affordability, security, and privacy. Here are some of the best benefits of having quality electric gates for your home:

  • Better appearance and landscape — Simply put, these gates and a nice fence on your landscape can drastically improve the look and feel of your entire property. Take a look at your neighborhood — you’ll notice that the nicest looking homes have nice fences surrounding them.


  • Greater convenience — Automated gates drastically improve the convenience of your home. Though normal gates and fences are great, with electric entrance gates, the process of leaving and arriving at your driveway and home is so much more convenient. You’ll never have to worry about getting out of the car, manually lifting or opening the gate, and getting back inside your vehicle to pull into the driveway.


  • Insurance advantages — Since these gates can increase the security of your home, your insurance company will most likely be able to offer you lower premiums or even discounts. This is yet another reason why these gates are such a cost-effective purchase, providing you an immediate return on your investment.


  • Improve your property value — Since your home and landscape will likely look much better with an entrance gate and a privacy fence, your home’s overall worth and resale value will likely skyrocket, as well. Sure, it’ll cost money to have these gate and fence installation projects completed, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

If you want to learn more about electric gates, fencing, and other privacy and security measures for your home, give Durham Fence and Guardrail a call right away.