Summer is just about here and you know what that means… time to get in the pool! If you have a pool at your house, you know how valuable it can be on a hot summer day. But you should also understand the importance of proper pool safety. So let’s take a look at a few safety features you should make sure your pool is equipped with.


Safety Cover


Covers are something most pool owners invest in. Having the right cover can help keep a pool clean and free of leaves, twigs, and other debris. However, a cover isn’t important just for cleanliness — it’s important for safety, too. Having the right cover on your pool can play a key role in preventing people and animals from falling in. An automatic cover can be great because they can’t be moved without using the controls. But for a more inexpensive option, consider using locking straps to ensure the cover is secure. Another option is a safety net, which effectively catches anyone who falls in the pool.


Pool Alarm


Alarms aren’t just for doors and windows — there are alarms that can be installed directly into your pool. These can be beneficial, even if you have an alarm on the gate or door leading to the pool area. A pool alarm will go off when a certain amount of movement is detected. You can also have a receiver in the house to really make sure the alarm is heard if it does go off. These alarms can be helpful especially if someone falls in the pool and no one is home because it will allow the neighbors to hear the alarm going off.


Enclosure or Fence


One safety feature every pool should be equipped with is a pool enclosure or fence. Legal codes state that fences around a pool should be at least four feet tall with at least four feet of clearance near the bottom. Investing in residential fencing services can help ensure no one gets into the pool area who shouldn’t be in there. A pool fence can significantly reduce the risk of someone accidentally falling in the pool and are easy to use. Adults can easily enter the pool area and supervise swimming activities as needed.


These important features can make sure everyone can enjoy the pool safely all summer long. So make sure you invest in a good cover, buy a new alarm, and hire residential fencing services.