Autumn is almost here, and the fluctuating temperatures of fall can make it tricky to finish certain home projects. That makes now the best possible time to put the finishing touches on small renovations and home repairs.

But not all renovations and repairs need to be done immediately. So how do you know which projects need your attention before is officially over?

Consider the following home projects that are best to do during the late summer before fall officially arrives:

  1. Fence installations.¬†Fencing installations are a common summer project because the ground can begin to harden during the winter months. This can cause your fence to be inefficiently installed. It may be even impossible to install at all if the ground is completely frozen. That said, if you haven’t had the chance to install your fencing yet this season and you want to enjoy your yard by next spring, now is the best possible time to install your fence.
  2. Interior painting.¬†Realistically, you can paint your home’s interior year-round. But late summer is the ideal time to paint because you can leave your windows open for natural ventilation without feeling the chill of fall. Now is especially the time to paint your cabinets if that’s on your to-do list. Spray painting is often faster than manual painting when it comes to cabinetry. And it isn’t recommended to use spray paint in an enclosed space.
  3. Door and window repairs.¬†Repairing doors and windows around your home is a common home maintenance task. But it’s a good idea to do these tasks now if you haven’t yet this season. This is because even the smallest of drafts can cause your home heating system to work harder. This increases your energy bills and shortens the life of your HVAC system. You can use draft fillers such as rope caulk or v-seal weather stripping to keep the warm air indoors. Fixing your home’s drafts will also help to cut air conditioning costs during the rest of the summer.

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It’s no secret that fences make good neighbors. In fact, the U.S. fencing market is expected to reach up to $11.5 billion by 2024.

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