fence installationFrom 2012 to 2017, the U.S. fencing market increased by 6.2% annually. If you’re running a business, it’s important to focus on fence installation. Without a quality fence, your business will lack privacy, security, and even general appearance.

Fence installation isn’t as easy as you might think, however. There are all kinds of mistakes that businesses make when it comes to having fences installed and maintained. Here are some of the most common mistakes that organizations make when it comes to fencing around businesses:

  • Not filing for commercial fencing permits — Even the smallest fence installation project requires proper permitting. If you neglect to file a permit, not only will your organization be forced to pay a potentially hefty fine, you’ll likely be forced to completely tear down the fence and have it rebuilt.


  • Ignoring local zoning laws and regulations — In order to even obtain the fencing permits necessary for an installation project, you need to first review and follow local building codes and regulations. For instance, certain types of commercial fencing may be banned in a specific area. Also, if the fence is containing a body of water, there are additional requires, laws, and safety codes that you need to be aware of.


  • Forgetting to plan for property slope — Most areas of land are not 100% flat, there is some type of slope, even if it’s not completely visible. Depending on the grade and slope of the land, a fencing project needs to be level all over the place. Additionally, you will likely need special types of fence panels to accommodate the slope of the property, otherwise, there could be large gaps in the fence.


  • Neglecting to take precise measurements — Even the smallest inaccuracies can cause major problems when it comes to commercial fencing. The slightest material error can throw off the entire project. So make sure you’re taking precise measurements, reviewing them, and then reviewing them a third time to avoid any issues.

If you want to ensure that your commercial fence installation projects are done properly, give Durham Fence and Guardrail a call right away.