The U.S. fencing market is projected to reach $11.5 billion by 2024.

Whether you’re installing your fence yourself or are working with installation professionals (recommended), you need to make sure you’re careful throughout the entire process, from material gathering and site prep to property jurisdictions and maintenance.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to residential fence installation:

  • Dimensions and logistics — You can’t just have fencing that is taller than your entire home, you need to follow fencing regulations. In Durham, Connecticut, for instance, fences no taller than 6-feet in height are allowed along the rear and side yard property lines only. Additionally, there are different jurisdictions that require residential fencing to be set two, four, six, or even eight inches away from your property line.
  • Permits — If your fencing is going to surround a residential swimming pool, you’ll need to either acquire the necessary permits or work with professionals who have permits for any work that is done. Permits are not required, however, for residential fences that are not higher than 7 feet.
  • Letting your fence seal — Once your fence has been installed, it’s crucial that it dries out thoroughly. There are certain moistures and finishes that have been applied to the fence that can damage the material if you begin any maintenance tasks too soon. You can, however, stain your fence beforehand, which will help the longevity of your fence.
  • Hinges — In order for your residential fence to remain secure, you need to hang it on solid hinges. Undersized hinges won’t be able to hold the weight of the fence after a while and will start to break or bend. Make sure your hinges are strong enough and properly sized to hold enough weight.

Privacy fences can look amazing on your property and even give a boost to its value, but if not installed properly or taken care of afterward, you’ll have all sorts of problems to deal with. If you want to learn more about selecting quality fencing materials for your home or work with a trusted fence installation company, give Durham Fence Co. a call today.