Your commercial business brings value to the community, but that value may sometimes be a target for harmful criminal activity.

All commercial properties need one thing above all else: proper security. This includes securing your network, data, client information, and the physical location itself.

However, many people assume that a few security cameras are enough to protect the business, when in reality, companies need much more. Check out these five tips for adding more security to your commercial property to see how else you can safeguard your business.

Enforce Network Security

It’s essential to download and actively implement anti-virus software for your network system. While your network privacy may not directly impact your physical building, the public mustn’t have access to things like door passcodes, which can significantly affect your commercial property.

You’ll also want to utilize a reputable anti-virus software, such as Avast, McAfee, or Norton. There are other programs to choose from, but try to thoroughly research the various software options available to ensure they’re right for you and your business.

Train Employees

One of the many ways you can protect your business is to train employees on proper security precautions. This can include training as simple as ensuring the door is closed/locked behind them before walking to their destination in the building.

Other security procedures can include locking their computers before they step away from their desk, keeping sensitive documents in a safe place, and more.

You might also consider training your employees on proper procedures to follow in case of a building emergency to protect them and your business.

Control Building Access

Consider who currently has access to your building. Does the public have access? Only employees? Does anyone need to input a passcode or display a badge to get in?

It’s essential to revisit your security measures and improve access to your commercial property. For example, you might provide a unique passcode for new hires so they can access the building, while promptly canceling entry passcodes for employees who leave the company. This ensures your building is properly protected from unnecessary visitors.

Institute a Security System

A great way to upgrade safety in your building is to install a security system, including cameras, security personnel, and more. You might consider placing cameras around heavily populated areas such as entryways, parking lot/garage, restricted areas, and storage areas.

You’ll need a security system that contacts the authorities in the event of an emergency. This may help protect your employees from any harm or criminal activities.

Install Secure Fencing

Installing a physical deterrent around your property is an efficient way to keep criminals away from your business. It might be tempting to install the fencing yourself, but to ensure it is put in properly and securely, you’ll need to partner with commercial fencing contractors to get the job done. Fencing and gates with locks can help protect company employees, equipment, vehicles, and more.

Putting into practice these five tips for adding more security to your commercial property can help safeguard your business and livelihood.