If you’re thinking of installing a fence for your home, you have a number of residential fencing options to choose from. Fences can be decorative, functional, and even provide privacy for your family when they’re both indoors and out. Though all fences will help make your property stand out, installing a privacy fence has a number of benefits that other options simply lack. Here are a few ways installing a privacy fence can benefit your house and your property.

Privacy Fences Add Value to Your Home

If you plan on selling your house in a few years, adding value to the property helps you ask a higher price when you put the house on the market. Though any residential fence will add value to your property, a privacy fence can increase that value even more. People like to feel safe in their backyard. When people walking or driving past the property can see through the fencing, it’s easy to feel like you’re on display.

Installing a privacy fence will make your home safer and keeps your family members from view while others move by your house. This can make the property more attractive to prospective buyers. Just make sure the fence meets local building codes. For example, fences in Durham, CT, can be built no taller than 6 feet. And this height restriction is only allowed for the rear property line and along the side of the yard.

Keeps Your Pets Safe

Many dogs and cats alike end up slipping out of the yard. This problem is especially common when the house has a slatted fence or the fence panels are on the shorter side. Installing privacy-specific residential fencing helps reduce the risk of your furry family members getting out of the yard. You’ll still want to monitor the fence line to make sure your pup doesn’t dig under it, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing they won’t be able to jump over the panels.

Reduces Street Noise

Even if you live on a quiet street, you’ll still hear the occasional car or truck drive by. In the middle of the night, that noise can be unsettling at best. Installing a privacy fence will help reduce that noise pollution. The solid panels absorb many of the sounds from the road, keeping them from filtering inside the house and disturbing your sleep in the middle of the night. For families with light sleepers or young children, this type of fencing can make all the difference in making sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

If you’re ready to invest in your residential fencing and want to upgrade that decorative fence with a durable privacy fence, contact us today. We’ll make sure your yard is safe and protected while preserving the aesthetic of your home’s exterior and landscaping.