You may want to have a fence built for your home or your commercial building for assorted reasons. A fence can improve physical security on the property or it can lend you more privacy. You might simply want to make your house or building look nicer from the street by adding architectural detail in your fencing. Prior to erecting the fence, however, you must make sure that you are following the codes governing fences. Determine if you need permits for your fencing installation with these actions.

Look at Local Regulations

The policies regarding fences in your area often originate from local sources, meaning that rules will not be the same in every part of the country. Consequently, it is important for you to look up the laws that are relevant to you. Know that urban areas tend to require fencing permits more often since urban land is limited. In cities, you will probably need to submit an application to the city government directly. Even in suburban areas, you may need to get a permit and receive approval from a homeowner’s association prior to beginning fence work.

Look at Circumstantial Regulations

Sometimes, a permit is required by your local government only when your plans exceed a certain threshold that it has set. For instance, there might be a height restriction on fencing. If you build a fence that is taller than the height outlined by your city, you will need to get a permit. Such regulations may even change depending on which side of your property the fence will be constructed. The height threshold for a fence in front of a building may be shorter than the threshold for the back and sides of the property. Certain types of fences, such as electric fences and those made of barbed wire, have more regulations and may need special permits. Again, the more rural your area, the more lax your local government may be on these points.

Get Help From a Contractor

If navigating the process of getting a permit for your fence seems overwhelming, you can get help from your fencing contractor. They will be familiar with the regulations in your location and where to go in order to obtain a permit. They’ll also know the laws well enough to ensure that the fence is built to compliance standards from the start.

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