When visiting our local shopping center, we usually don’t pay much attention to the guardrails and fencing along the way. However, these structures are incredibly important as they protect us from harm. In fact, you can employ a couple of different types of guardrails and fencing for shopping centers to ensure as much protection as possible.

Box Beam Guardrail

Box beam guardrails provide many uses, as they are dynamic options that bring reliable sturdiness to several areas. Box beam guardrails are for shopping center parking lots that feature hilly landscaping with sudden drops that can be hard to perceive in a vehicle.

Skylight Guardrail

Nearly all shopping centers feature skylights that let shoppers appreciate natural light. However, you must install a skylight guardrail to keep anyone working on the roof from falling through the glass.

Three Cable Guardrail

Some large shopping centers feature outdoor and indoor bridges for shoppers to see the sights. You might expect to see three cable guardrails on outdoor bridges to keep pedestrians from falling off the edge. Three cable guardrails are great options for shopping center bridges because they don’t block the views shoppers may want to appreciate.

Walkway Guardrail

The most common action in shopping centers is walking from store to store. Walkway guardrails might be the most common type of guardrails for shopping centers.

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Parking Lot Guardrails

Parking lots are nearly everywhere we turn, and you will certainly need one at a shopping center. However, that will also require parking lot guardrails to help direct the flow of traffic and usher vehicles into their spots. These guardrails will also keep pedestrians and vehicles safe and shielded from damage.