With a fence, your property can feel more secure, private, and more attractive. When you are preparing to have one built, make sure to consider these factors that will affect the cost of the project. You can adjust the fence’s qualities based on your preferences and your property’s needs. The following are factors that affect the cost of fence installation.


You can make a fence out of a range of materials that vary in appearance and robustness. Wood has a nice, grained look and exists in many variations because of the many different species of trees. There are common, low-cost woods and premium high-cost woods you can choose from. An average wooden fence will be relatively economical, though. Vinyl, which is a plastic, is often slightly more expensive than wood, though it also requires much less maintenance. The most expensive materials are metals, which offer the best durability.


Besides material, fence design is another factor that affects the cost of fence installation. Sometimes, you want a fence with ornamental details. This will increase the amount of money you pay for installation because of the work that goes into creating those parts. Features such as locking gate doors can also lead to a higher price since they require more hardware than other portions of the fence. Design can also decrease the price of getting a fence. The best example of this is commercial chain link fence installation, which competes with wood installation in terms of cost even though chain link is steel.


The fence’s length is its largest dimension and will affect cost. This point is simple to understand—the longer the fence, the more materials and work it will take to build, leading to a greater cost of installation. The cost of fence materials is measured in dollars per foot, so you’ll need to multiply their prices appropriately according to the length. You might make some adjustments to shorten its length if covering your original area ends up costing too much. Look into various contractors, including Durham Fence & Guardrail. Comparing quotes from contractors can also change your fence installation expenditures.