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Providing A Wide Range Of High-Quality Guardrails

We are the premier highway guardrail installation contractor in Connecticut. Our team of professionals have completed guardrail projects for state, local, and federal agencies across the region and have years of valuable experience providing exceptional results. Our work encompasses highway guardrail installation for primary and secondary roads. We also have completed jobs for private sector uses such as guardrails for shopping centers, parking lots, driveways, and retaining walls. Client experience remains a top priority for us and we will stop at nothing to provide our customers unparalleled attention and care.

Durham Fence is an SBE registered guardrail installation contractor in Connecticut, and we are DOT CON 16 prequalified. A fully insured and bonded provider, we can perform exceptional service for our clients with first-rate results. We own and operate a fleet of hydraulic post drivers, flatbed and knuckle boom crane trucks along with excavators, skid steers, and numerous specialized attachments. We are certified by the National Highway Institute in Guardrail Installation Training and are well versed in The CTDOT Standards and Specifications for Guiderails.

While based in Connecticut, Durham Fence and Guardrail installs guardrails across the country. Our most notable work includes the reconstruction of the Melvin H. Evans Highway in St. Croix, The U.S. Virgin Islands. This eight-week project consisted of the installation of over 30,000 linear feet of steel beam guardrail and numerous impact attenuators. Our experienced project managers and skilled installers facilitated this project to be completed on time, on budget, and with a strict emphasis on quality. Contact us today to speak to a team member about guardrail installation and receive a free project estimate.

Guardrail Installation | Durham Fence

Highway Guardrails

Our team of highway guardrail installation experts are fully equipped to help ensure you community roadways remain safe to all motorists. We provide our customers an exceptional experience throughout the entire guardrail installation process.

W-Beam Guardrails

W-beam guardrails offer cost-effective roadway safety and reduce the severity of runoff collisions, prevent vehicles from impacting objects along the roadway, and decrease the possibility of a vehicle rolling over. Commonly used along U.S. highways, w-beam guardrails are very effective and cost little to make.

Guardrail Installation | Durham Fence
Guardrail Installation | Durham Fence

Bridge Rails

If your community’s bridges require an update to ensure continued safety for drivers, our highway guardrail contractors over at Durham Fence Company have you covered. We install reliable bridge rail systems for townships, local governments, and organizations all across the region. Our bridge rails are guaranteed to stand the test of time and keep motorists safe for years to come.

Parking Lot Guard Rails

Parking lot guard rails help provide safety and protection to pedestrians and drivers alike. The team at Durham can install a variety of guard rail systems to suit your specific needs. Don’t settle for anything less than the most professional parking lot guard rail installation contractors.

Guardrail Installation | Durham Fence
Guardrail Installation | Durham Fence

Impact Attenuators

When we install highway guardrail systems, we strive to provide a complete safety solution to our customers. Impact attenuators, crash cushions, and other crash reduction tools are vital to installing a guardrail that is as safe as can be. Properly installed impact attenuators will provide enhanced safety to the drivers in your community.

Additional Guardrail Services

  • Galvanized and Corten W Beam Steel Guardrail
  • Three Cable Guardrail
  • Merritt Parkway Steel Backed Timber Guardrail
  • Box Beam Guardrail
  • Three Beam Guardrail
  • Impact Attenuators
  • Precast Concrete End Blocks
  • Bridge Attachments
  • Bridge Rail
  • Mortised and Notched Timber Guardrail

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