When people are scoping out a building in which to set up their business or organization, they will understandably prefer those spaces that are more attractive. As an owner of one or more commercial properties, you should therefore make efforts to maintain and even update them as time passes. By paying attention to both aesthetic and functional details, you can elevate the overall presentation of your property to make it stand apart from others that potential tenants may be considering.

Furthermore, you can build a stronger relationship with current tenants by attending to issues as they arise and making improvements to outdated fixtures and systems. They will want to continue renting the space since they can easily see the visual and practical benefits of being there. Just what aspects of the building and land are worth focusing on, though? Learn how to boost your commercial properties’ appearance with the pointers laid out in this post.


Fix up the Building Exterior

To start, take a look at the building’s exterior. This generally encompasses the siding and windows. Your siding covers the external walls in order to protect the structure from damage related to the weather and other wearing forces. It also factors into how well insulated the interior is and forms the basis for your building’s style. If you observe cracks or other small gaps, you should repair those spots so that the building keeps a clean appearance and to ensure that the state of your interior is not compromised by water entry or unwanted heat transfer. There may be other signs of damage, such as warping, peeling, fading, and the growth of mold and mildew, which you should also address as well.

Windows don’t have all those issues, but they can create an impression for better or for worse depending on their look. Moreover, the window quality can affect how comfortable the building is for people who are inside. On top of tinting that provides a sleek feel and privacy, you could invest in windows that are treated and multilayered to block out UV rays and improve insulation.


Add Relevant Amenities

You can set your property apart by including alluring amenities that go beyond the baseline of most rentable spaces. They will make your property appear more attractive and give tenants more options in terms of how they go about their days. A significant amount of time is spent in the office in a typical work week for all staff, so having enjoyable activities available for people to partake in and refresh their minds is always welcome. Amenities may be added to the inside of your building or to the outside within the boundaries of the property.

Consider facilities such as an exercise center, a break area stocked with snacks, a game room, and/or an outdoor walking trail. All of these help to alleviate the stresses of work in one way or another and possess a broad appeal that many people can appreciate. Take into account the specific needs your tenants may have and use that to guide you choices as well. To illustrate, if you notice that many tenants use bicycles to get to the building, you could install racks for them.


Update the Utilities

Old, unreliable utility systems can be stylistically off-putting and even more so when they lead to higher bills at the end of each month. When utilities cost more, you may need to charge more for rent, which no tenant will be eager for. Wasteful practices related to the running of a building are also quite unattractive for the increased environmental cost they evoke, as many tenants value energy efficiency more than they did before.

You can boost your commercial property’s appearance by updating things such as the lights, appliances, restrooms, and HVAC system. You could switch incandescent light bulbs in the ceiling with LED bulbs because they require less electricity to turn on and outlast incandescent bulbs multiple times over. For appliances and the HVAC system, you can look for Energy Star-rated variants that not only look more modern than what you have in place currently but also save energy. In the restrooms, you can swap out worn and ugly fixtures, like toilets and faucets, with models that reduce water waste with smaller water requirements and streamlining automatic sensors, respectively.


Beautify It With Landscaping

Working in combination with your building’s appearance is the landscaping quality of the rest of the property. Even a shiny, immaculate structure can seem shabby when it stands amid unkempt lawns, overgrown shrubs, and wild weeds. Alternatively, it may be that your property simply lacks greenery to begin with, and so comes off as cold and harsh. Be thoughtful about how your landscaping is designed and maintained so that it makes a responsible impression; businesses and organizations will appreciate that attractive landscaping can bolster their own reputation.

Create a landscape that doesn’t look like an afterthought but rather invites people to linger and take notice of it. Place benches along the pathways where people can stop on breaks and enjoy the flowers and other plants that soften the edges of your building and make it an inviting space. Plant trees to give people natural shade and to balance the higher proportions of the building.


Improve Visible Security

Potential and current tenants want to be assured of their safety when on the premises of your commercial property. A facet of its appearance that might not immediately seem significant but that can make a big difference for tenants is visible security. This can come in the form of a camera system installed both on the outside and inside of the building and perhaps the parking lot as well. When people see these, they feel safer and more secure. For a large commercial property, this is crucial.

You also have the option of building a fence around the building or borders of the entire property to create a physical barrier for extra security. The great thing about fences is that you can also choose styles and materials that work well with and enhance your property’s look. You can get metal or stone fences that become a permanent part of your landscape or architecture, for example.

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How to Boost Your Commercial Properties’ Appearance