Much of what you need to mull over when you building a fence is the material you want it to be made out of. The material affects the fence’s durability, maintenance needs, appearance, and how useful it may be to you in various contexts. Find out about how to decide on the best fencing materials by learning about the most common ones used in fences.


Wood is a classic choice and fits in perfectly with many homes. You can paint it to complement your house’s design or let its natural grain show to give your yard an organic feel. Since you can have the wood panels built close together, a wood fence provides great privacy as well. Cedar is a good type of wood to opt for because it is durable, but you should remember that it will change color over time into a gray hue. You might consider treating a wood fence with a sealing substance to make it more resistant to the elements.


Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a plastic which may be molded into posts and panels that are similar in appearance to wood. It comes in a range of colors and is easier to maintain than wood. The most you might need to do regularly is hose it down to remove dirt. This is because vinyl is inorganic and will not degrade due to water, insects, and other small decomposing organisms.


Metal fences are among the sturdiest of all fences. You will often see two primary types of metal fences: ornamental metal fences and chain link fences. Ornamental metal fences are those that have straight vertical beams connected to larger posts by horizontal rails. The metal may be worked into decorative shapes at certain points to make the fence more appealing. Chain link fences are composed of a framework of metal with the spaces between covered by an interlocked meshwork of steel wire. They aren’t as pretty as ornamental metal fences, but they make up for this in by being highly reliable and affordable barriers

After you’ve educated yourself on how to decide on the best fencing materials for your fence, you’ll probably need a fencing company to help you put it in. For cedar, PVC, ornamental metal, and chain link fence installation, check out Durham Fence & Guardrail.