You may want to build fencing made of wood for your business or home. Indeed, wood is a classic and charming choice that can make any property appear more welcoming while giving it more privacy. However, proper care is required to prevent the wood from deteriorating over time. You should therefore know these maintenance tips for wood fencing before you call a contractor to erect it for you.

Wash the Fence

To keep the fence clean, you should routinely wash it to remove dirt and other types of grime that have gotten on it due to its outdoor location. Start by brushing a fence cleaner product or soapy water onto the pickets. Let it sit for a quarter to a third of an hour, and then use a pressure washer to rinse off the cleaner along with any clinging filth. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you could use a large brush with water. Don’t overlook hard-to-reach spots, such as gaps between the pickets and the part of the fence closest to the ground.

Replace Loose Screws

The screws that hold the pickets to the rails can loosen or fall out with changing temperatures and weather, which cause wood to expand and contract. Look for places along the fence where the fasteners are no longer secure, and replace them with new moisture-resistant screws. Afterwards, you can plug up the screw holes using caulk to ensure they don’t come out again.

Stain and Seal the Wood

Cleaning and fixing up the fence is only part of the battle. You want to protect your newly rejuvenated fence so that it doesn’t quickly descend back into a state of decay. Another maintenance tip for wood fencing you shouldn’t forget is to stain and seal it to increase its longevity. Stains guard the wood against sun discoloration and water damage and soak deeply into the wood. They can also change its color, so try your best to find a stain that matches your wood so that the color difference is minimal.

Sealants are often made of polyurethane, and you should brush them on as the outermost layer on your fence (either directly on the wood or after the stain has dried). Sealants also make the wood water-resistant so that mold can’t start growing on them, but you must reapply them annually.

Since you’re now aware of how to care for a wood fence, you can call Durham Fence Co. for commercial or residential fence installation with the assurance that you’ll be able to keep your wood fence looking attractive for years to come.