business fencing

The United States fencing market is forecast to reach $11.5 billion by 2024. As far as residential properties are concerned, it kind of comes down to homeowner preference. Some property owners prefer their homes to be free from and fencing, but some enjoy the both the privacy and the aesthetic benefits of a nice quality fence surrounding the home.

When it comes to commercial properties, however, business fencing is essential. Fences are necessary for company security, privacy, and even boosting visual appearances. No matter what size of business you’re running, make sure you have a quality fence surrounding your building and your property.

Here are three of the most popular types of business fencing for you to consider:

    • Chain Link Fencing — This type of fencing is great for smaller shops. Though these fences won’t exactly keep out criminal intruders, they will certainly help protect your business. If someone sees a person climbing over a small fence, that’s not exactly ordinary behavior so authorities will likely be notified. Additionally, a quality chain link fence can still provide plenty of visual benefits, subsequently increasing your commercial property value.


    • Electric Fencing — Similar to chain link fencing, electric fencing can still look great on your property, but will deter criminals from breaking into your building even more. No one wants to experience the high voltage of an electric fence, so simply put up the sign attached to your fencing and watch potential criminals walk on by. Keep in mind, if you plan on having your fence higher than seven feet, you’ll need to acquire the necessary permits.


  • Fencing For Large Compounds — If the commercial property you’re in charge of is similar to a sporting compound, concert venue, warehouse, or another type of building with a large property line, you’ll need durable and high fences in order to keep intruders out. The last things you want is for people to get into your establishment for free if you’re charging for live entertainment. Similarly, if you have all kinds of expensive equipment inside your warehouse or commercial building, you want to ensure that intruders aren’t easily breaking in and stealing or even handling the equipment. Security staff and surveillance cameras can only go so far, you need durable, tall fencing to protect your establishment.

If you are ready to secure your company with quality business fencing and want to work with a quality commercial fence installation company, give Durham Fence Company a call right away.