Constructing large-scale renovations or structures requires you to go through a contractor. These professionals should have the expertise, materials, and tools necessary to complete jobs correctly. That being said, not all contractors are as competent as you might hope. Some may simply be inexperienced while others knowingly sidestep laws related to their work. Hence, you should know these questions to ask before hiring a fencing contractor.

Is the Contractor Trusted?

In your initial search for a fencing contractor, you should find out if they are generally trustworthy. You can look up how long the contractor company has been in business to get an idea of their proficiency level. Finding their previous work and customers is also possible by looking up the company online. See what others have to say about their experiences with the contractor. Websites such as the Better Business Bureau are also good indicators of the contractor’s quality of work and customer service. For fencing companies, in particular, you should check whether or not they belong to the American Fence Association as a reflection of their trustworthiness.

Is the Contractor Licensed?

Each state has its own license requirements for contractors to operate under. If a contractor has a license, the business you do with them will have trackable records you can access in case something goes wrong. A contractor who isn’t licensed and asks you to pay in cash or with a check to their individual bank account can shirk responsibilities related to the job. You may then end up responsible if their work is of poor quality and breaks down or if workers get hurt while on your property. Make sure a fencing contractor is transparent and has the official qualifications prior to hiring them.

Is the Contractor Insured?

This leads us to the next question to ask before hiring a fencing contractor—are they insured? The two types of insurance you should look for are general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. General liability makes it so that the contractor company must pay for any damages they cause within your property while working there. Worker’s compensation insurance protects you from being blamed for any injuries workers may get on the job. You should not only ask about whether a contractor has these policies, but you should also ask to receive copies of them for your own records.

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