A well-worn truism of the self-help world is that “people need boundaries.” Commercial properties are another thing that needs boundaries. These aren’t psychological ones, but very real ones, in the form of fences, gates, and other physical borders. To establish your boundaries, consider these five reasons to install commercial fencing at your place of business.

Aesthetic Value

Before examining the safety and security ramifications of fencing, let’s think about the art and geometry of fences. What makes a well-maintained fence attractive? It’s all about lines and angles. The clean, repeating 90-degree angles and parallel lines that occur through a fence connote order, stability, and integrity—a triumph over natural disorder and randomness. This aesthetic appeal comes with a proviso, of course, namely that owners must maintain their fences and those ordered lines and angles. A fence with slats that are out of alignment or not perpendicular to the ground has less aesthetic value to your property than no fence at all.

Heightened Security

You want your place of business to bring the right activities in and keep the wrong activities out. To prevent trespassing, vandalism, and theft, install a well-secured fence along your perimeter. With crime on the rise and a cavalier attitude toward property destruction developing, your property’s security is more important than ever. Without even attempting to scale it, the mere presence of a fence can dissuade the ill-intentioned among us from making an unwanted appearance on your property.

Increased Safety

Commercial fencing doesn’t just keep the premises safe after hours. A fence adds to on-the-job safety and peace of mind as well. By assuring employees of their safety, business owners and managers can enjoy increased productivity and morale, both of which should have a trickle-down effect on the business at large. Customers, delivery crews, and other visitors will appreciate the increased safety, too.

Liability Concerns

Property owners often fear that they’ll be held accountable for injuries that trespassers receive. By erecting a fence, any trespasser who winds up on your property would have to scale a fence to do so and, as such, would understand that they are not where they’re supposed to be. This measure all but eliminates liability for property owners.

Points of Access

An expansive property may have more than one way in and one way out. However, confused visitors may get the wrong idea, pulling into the loading zone or the employee parking lot instead. Eliminating this ambiguity is one of the best reasons to install commercial fencing. To direct traffic in multiple entry points along your perimeter, you need not only a fence but one that includes controlled gates as well. Durham Fence Company specializes in commercial fencing and gates, improving security, traffic flow, and property values for their clients.