A good fence does more than just surround your property—it protects it and enhances its appearance. But as the seasons pass, a fence can wear down and no longer serve its original functions. Here are signs it’s time to update your home’s fencing.

The Fence Is Leaning

Leaning in either direction is often a sign that a fence needs replacing. Simply straightening it out does not get to the root of the problem. This is because leaning is a result of the fence posts becoming weaker. It may also be that the ground around the fence posts is too soft and has allowed them to shift. You should have a professional put in new posts in this instance so that you can be sure that they will not get worse and that they are set in the ground securely with compacted earth or concrete.

The Fence Has Become Discolored

Wooden fences will discolor somewhat from exposure to the sun and the elements. However, if your fence always appears dark and wet, it’s likely that it is rotting. When conditions are continuously damp, mold or algae can surreptitiously sneak into the fence and destroy it before you even notice a change. You’ll need to take out the boards that make up that fence and get a new one. If you know that your area is consistently humid and that there is a lot of rainfall, you should choose an alternative material to plain wood that can stand up to these conditions, such as treated wood or aluminum.

The Fence Has Visible Damage

Lastly, you should update your fence if there are several areas along it that have holes, splintering, or noticeable warping. The presence of any of these signs means the fence is structurally unstable and may soon fall apart. Whereas one hole might just necessitate a single board replacement, if the problems are pervasive, you should have the whole fence replaced to stop future hazards.

If you notice indications that you need to get a new fence for your home, contact Durham Fence & Guardrail for expert residential fence installation that will enrich your home. We’ll walk you through your options and help you to make an informed decision so you feel completely satisfied with your fence.