Your yard is as much a usable component of your home as all your indoor rooms. It offers a dynamic that you just don’t get within the house because of the open air and the more prominent presence of nature. However, you might feel reluctant to spend time in the yard because it lacks privacy. Perhaps it borders a busy street, or it has no physical separation that divides it from your neighbors. You don’t need to have concerns like these hold you back from enjoying the outdoor part of your property, as there are numerous simple ways to make your yard more private. Take ideas from this list and implement them in a way that is satisfying to you.

Hang Up Outdoor Curtains

Just as curtains let you close off your living room or bedroom from outside view, they can also shut in a section of your yard. They tend to work well around a patio or deck area to imbue it with a more ordered yet soft feel. If you already have a roof that overhangs above those areas, you can install the curtains and their rods with relative ease. Some people alternatively build standing structures that cover a part of the yard that is not connected directly to the house in order to have a framework in which to place curtains. Whichever solution you select, make sure the curtains are made for outdoor use or treat them so that they are more water-resistant. This way, they won’t become like soiled rags when faced with some rain or moisture.

Arrange Some Tall Potted Plants

We generally think of potted plants as small decorations to adorn a porch, room corner, or windowsill. However, there are plant varieties that are quite hefty and tall and can still grow in pots. You can use these as a simple way to make your yard more private. Think of tall grass species, broad-leafed dieffenbachia or palm, fruit and evergreen trees, and bamboo. These plants can grow to heights of several feet while still sitting in giant pots that you can arrange and rearrange as obstructions to prying eyes.

Border Your Yard with a Hedge

For a more permanent living wall of greenery to boost privacy, you can border your yard with a hedge. You may choose a type of bush that you want to take the time to raise and prune and then plant it around the borders of your property. For eight-foot hedges that will be difficult to peer over, you may go with laurel, rhododendron, or even an evergreen tree such as arborvitae. Laurel and leylandii plants are also quick to grow, which may be important to you. For those who don’t have a green thumb or wish to avoid the hassle and time that caring for plants may entail, faux hedges are an equally valid option. These will be full-sized and fitted to your yard from the beginning and can also come with sound insulation.

Construct a Vertical Garden

If you’re more of a fan of small, lightweight plants, a vertical garden may be right for you. The structure and shape of vertical gardens are formed with wood boards and panels or wires and metal frames. Within this initial scaffold are spaces for you to slot in small potted plants. Once filled, you will have an eye-catchingly handsome wall that combines hard lines and materials with soft, complex vegetation. You can then rest with the concealment it provides you from the adjacent yards, buildings, and/or streets.

Bring in Gentle Sounds

Auditory privacy is equally as important as visual privacy for many people. But without thick, sealed walls, how can you attain this in your yard? A subtle answer to this dilemma is to bring in gentle sounds that form an invisible shield that muffles out your speech. Having flowing water is an effectual way to insert a sound backdrop without causing a disturbance. A fountain will both diversify the ornamentation of your yard but also give off a pleasant sound that helps to block out the surroundings beyond your yard. When you choose plants, you could take into consideration whether they make noise when the wind blows through them. Trees and smaller grasses can peacefully rustle while keeping your conversations out of the ears of eavesdroppers.

Erect and Cover a Pergola

Pergolas are designed to be open and seem to do more for aesthetics than for practicality in your yard. They have posts and overhead beams, but not entire ceilings or walls. Still, you can get more seclusion with them with some adjustments. Pergolas are great for vines to grow on, and with enough of these crawling, clinging, and hanging plants, their open tops and sides can provide the shade and isolation you want. Place some chairs and a table inside and you have yourself something akin to a full-fledged building. Those curtains mentioned earlier will fit in effortlessly on a pergola as well.

Form Terraces within the Yard

Your yard may not be completely smooth and even, which may appear as a weakness at first, since you can have a harder time laying down structures in it. It’s possible to use this to your advantage by having terraces constructed along these slopes, however. With the terrace steps, you can plant thick plants and set down outdoor furniture at different levels. With enough height and density in these elements, you will get a greater feeling of solitude as you walk through them, since the terraces create staggered walls in the yard. You can also enjoy the alcove that sits at the bottom of the terraces, which can be more enclosed than an equivalent yard section with level ground encircling it.

Enclose Your Property using Fencing

When you think of yard privacy, you probably also think of fencing. It is indeed one of the most direct ways to close off your property. You should find a fence style that has negligible space between the pickets so that it accomplishes its role well. There are more traditional fences that have wide vertical pickets held in place by posts and rails and modern minimalistic fences that have wooden boards stacked horizontally. Both of these come in forms that fully cover the yard. In place of wood, some homeowners choose plastic boards for the fences as well, which they can likewise build into a fence with no cracks for maximum privacy.

Whether you want a fence solely for privacy or a residential security fence that also makes your property safer, Durham Fence & Guardrail has you covered. You can get a free consultation with us today.

Make Your Yard More Private