Although burglary rates are actually on the decline, there are still countless Americans who become victims of home invasions every year. On average, 325,000 homes are broken into every year. While you can’t always anticipate or prevent criminal activity, you can take steps to dissuade burglars from choosing your home as their next target. To promote increased safety and security on your property, here are a few tips that can allow you to essentially burglar-proof your backyard.

Prioritize Better Lighting

Although it might not seem like something as simple as outdoor lighting could have a big effect, it’s one of the easiest ways to make your property seem less appealing to criminals. If an individual can’t slink around in the shadows, they’ll believe there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll be caught — and so they’ll probably choose another target. Solar-powered pathway lights, uplighting and downlighting for specific features (like your home or large trees), and motion-sensor lighting can all make your property look more welcoming to guests while making criminals think twice before they try to break and enter.

Install a Fence

Residential fences can be another great way to keep unwanted visitors out (and keep valuable possessions in). When choosing among available fencing for homes, you should select a strong fence that’s difficult to break and to climb. Keep in mind that as long as your perimeter fence isn’t higher than seven feet tall, you shouldn’t need to apply for and obtain a permit, which can make installation easier and keep costs down. Residential fences should ideally have a gate area that allows for homeowner access but that is secure enough to ensure trespassers can’t get in. A lock or self-closing latch will usually be your best options.

Secure Your Belongings

Even homes that have residential fences and good lighting might attract criminal activity when homeowners don’t secure their belongings. This is especially true if you leave expensive tools sitting out or have fancy decorations everywhere. That doesn’t mean that your yard has to be plain and boring. But it does mean that you should lock up your ladders and tools at the end of each day and take care to secure your outdoor furniture. You may also want to take photographic evidence of other features (like your grill, your fire pit, and other items that could be stolen) and create an inventory in case you need to file an insurance claim or police report. However, you should attempt to secure everything you can to avoid this scenario from happening in the first place.

By incorporating better lighting into your landscape design, installing strong residential fences, and taking care to lock up any personal effects, you can make your backyard a lot less enticing to potential criminals. What’s more, you may actually end up improving the value of your property at the same time. To learn more about our residential fencing options, please contact us today.