There are countless purposes for the installation of guardrails, but the chief reason amongst them is to instill safety. Guardrails provide and protect us from a variety of potential hazards to our safety, from the road to walkways to construction sites and more. That is why there are different components and types of guardrails made to meet the various infringements to our safety.


It is definitely possible that you might not have seen the box-beam guardrail before, as it is less common and traditional for a highway block. Despite that, box-beam guardrails are highly effective and useful for circumstances that require safety and appreciation. As such, you are most likely to find box-beam guardrails on highway bridges and parks as they protect humans and vehicles without blocking the picturesque view.

This is where we can appreciate the beauty in having different components and types of guardrails. There is one for nearly every purpose, and even concerns about enjoying the beauty of nature are something its creators consider.


You likely have noticed this type of guardrail when you are driving on a windy stretch of road and sighed in relief. Those rails are to protect drivers from losing control of their vehicle and running off the road. Moreover, companies install curved guardrails at intersections in the event of a crash to ensure that the vehicle does not decelerate too rapidly. Guardrails are perfect decelerators as they absorb shock easily without posing a threat to the vehicle itself.

However, the dimensions will differ for every area where you install the curved guardrail, so caution is necessary. Are you looking for a company you can trust to do this essential work? The efficient and precise team at Durham Fence Company Inc. provides Guardrail Installation you can rely on.


The thrie-beam guardrail is the preeminent boss of highway safety. You will find these hefty beams on highways or roads as a median or roadside barrier, especially on a sharp slope. However, you can also install them on bridges, in parking lots, and on multi or single-lane highways. Thrie-Beams protect and minimize the extent and severity of a collision and possible injury by absorbing the shock of a collision.