Whether on a road trip with friends or on the way to work, you have likely seen guardrails lining the highway’s edge. Sometimes, they’re present, and at other times, they’re not. You can surmise they exist for safety reasons, and that’s true. However, there’s much more than meets the eye regarding these roadside protectors. Here’s the importance of guardrails for highway use.


First and foremost, guardrails exist for the safety of all drivers on the road. Think about the fact that you’re reaching unprecedented speeds for the human body to attain when driving. What’s more, you’re doing so in a vehicle with hundreds of others next to you.

While it’s scary to think of things this way, it does make it clear why companies take great care to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. This is where guardrails come in. Are you looking for guardrail contractors in Connecticut? With over 35 years of experience, Durham Fence & Guardrail pays great attention to detail and is proud to assist you.


A guardrail will absorb the impact of a vehicle that careens off the road. This is a major component of the importance of guardrails for highway use, and here’s how it works. Before contractors install a guardrail, a series of tests determine its crashworthiness. The guardrail endings, also known as the end treatments, absorb the impact of a vehicle coming head-on or at an angle. As such, the guardrail works to slow down and stop an approaching car, securing the safety of the driver, passengers, and anyone else nearby.


Guardrails will also ensure a vehicle redirects back to the road should it err too far to one side. This duty is vitally crucial because it protects drivers from unknown elements that extend beyond the highway. The part of the guardrail responsible for this redirection is the guardrail face. This is the length of extension that stretches beyond the end treatment across the side of the roadway. Redirection is the primary purpose of the guardrail face, and as such, tests will ensure its ability to fulfill that duty.