From the time that people first begin learning how to drive, their state governments emphasize how to be defensive and cautious while behind the wheel. Despite the best efforts of drivers, though, injurious incidents can still occur due to faults in streets and highways themselves. Here, we delve into the link between unsafe road conditions and car accidents to raise awareness on possible problem areas that may need amending in your area.

Absent or Unclear Signage

Signs take on the responsibility of warning drivers when they need to look out for certain road conditions and regulate their behavior. If signs aren’t clear or are completely absent when they’re actually necessary, it can lead to an increased occurrence of accidents. Thus, you should place signs in positions where they are highly visible at all times of day and night, as well as all seasons. You should also leave enough space between subsequent signs so people have enough time to see them while still placing their attention on the road. If a condition exists that could make driving dangerous, signs must notify the drivers. For instance, a change in road surfacing that makes a particular section slippery when wet or a sudden series of sharp bends should display corresponding signage.

Uneven Road Surfaces

Roads can be uneven because of the terrain they sit on, as well as deterioration that arises from age, constant use, and changing weather. Irregularities are especially common in places where heavy vehicles travel often. Significant bumps and dips are dangerous because they can come upon a driver unexpectedly and cause them to briefly lose some control over their vehicle. This, in turn, can lead to a serious accident. The local government should remain aware of road damage and move to repair it promptly, so people don’t face unsafe conditions that link to car accidents. Anything from cracks and potholes to grooves demands addressing.

Lack of Roadside Guardrails

Normally, cars and trucks will remain in their lanes, but sometimes, they may move closer to the edges of their allotted space. On the rightmost lane, they can ultimately fall down slopes or drive into properties. On the left, they may collide with oncoming traffic. Portions of roads where either of these circumstances are likely to happen should have guardrails as a countermeasure. Guardrails will absorb the impact of a vehicle that veers off to the side and can redirect the vehicle back in the right direction. In this way, guardrails prevent more serious incidents in a variety of settings. A road that lacks roadside guardrails can be much more hazardous for those who travel it.

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