Your commercial building may be directly under your business’s ownership or you may be a landlord who rents out space to tenants. No matter which category you fall into, keeping every person who uses and visits your property safe is a facet of proper management that you cannot ignore. The building can’t fulfill its purpose as a functioning place of business if people and equipment are not physically safe and the information that is held there is not adequately protected. If you have tenants, they may relocate because of your building’s shortcomings in this area. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to reinforce a building’s defenses which increase in effectiveness as you combine them together and work to cover all bases. Take our tips for improving your commercial building’s security and use them as a guide to improve your building.

Include Video Surveillance Cameras

A good place to start when you’re working to increase security is with video surveillance, also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV). You can have personnel monitor your entire property when you place cameras tactically to cover the widest amount of space. Hallways and major rooms are of course natural areas to install CCTV cameras. You can see who enters the building at various points throughout the day and keep track of people within as well. It is also a smart idea to place cameras around the outer perimeter of your building and the adjacent parking lot or garage that is a part of your property. This can help you spot suspicious individuals on the premises who may try to target employees as they walk to their cars.

Put in an Alarm System

Besides video surveillance, you should also install an alarm system. Such a system will monitor all the possible entryways around the building using sensors that are installed on doors and windows. In the event that someone breaks in through any of these points, the sensors will activate an alert. The alarm can manifest as a loud audible sound that anyone in the building will hear and be able to immediately interpret as a security breach. In addition to this, though, it should also send signals directly to security staff that is within the building and/or workers who are responsible for managing security from a remote location. Police notification is also possible with an alarm system. Once each of these groups receives the signal, they can then respond as quickly as possible to the threat.

Utilize an Access Control System

You can compartmentalize your building into sections that people cannot access without proper clearance by utilizing an access control system. This system may come in various arrangements because of the many forms of access control that are available. Common components of the system include locks that are built into doors that require a specific code or key to be input for them to open. Turnstiles are another example of an access control component. The individual locks and barriers come together to form a system by being connected through a network controlled by a PC or control panel setup.

With all this in place, it becomes increasingly difficult for random people to gain entry to the sensitive areas of the building. They may be able to come into the building by way of a front entrance, but through the combination of watchful security staff and the restriction of locked doors, an unidentified individual cannot get very far. There may also be areas that only certain members of the building can access in some cases, and you may have separate codes or keys for such areas so that only authorized personnel can freely come in.

Upgrade Your Building and Property Lighting

Lighting is a basic necessity that doubles as a security strengthener, so you would be remiss to neglect it. Strong, up-to-date lights both in your building and around your property dissolve dark corners where malicious individuals can seek refuge while they lie in wait for unsuspecting employees going about their daily duties. They can also deter those who do work in the building from engaging in questionable activities since every area is clearly illuminated. The benefits of adding property lighting to your commercial property are clear, but you may also have concerns about the energy and cost of maintaining bright and widespread lighting in and outside of your building. You can circumvent this from becoming an issue by installing lights that activate based on motion sensors in locations where people may not dwell too long most of the time. As soon as someone does walk by, those spots can be lit up automatically, simultaneously providing a sense of safety for employees and a lower risk of crime.

Take Measures to Strengthen Cyber Security

No business today functions without computers and internet usage, so remembering to take measures to strengthen the cybersecurity of your building is equally as important as ensuring physical safety. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply stay current with the software and devices that people use in the building. Older computer systems are easier for hackers to access because they may have many bugs that have become well-known over the years, which hackers can then easily exploit to steal important information. Furthermore, it is important for you to invest in dedicated security software to protect computers from viruses and malware. You’ll be safeguarded from upfront attacks that make computers impossible to operate, as well as stealthy attacks that collect information in the background.

Build a Fence Around the Premises

Nothing serves as a better first line of defense than a solid fence around your building, so it’s a clear tip for improving your commercial building’s security to construct one. Fences can be made of chain link or vertical metal rods and posts connected with horizontal rails. Both of these options will remain unaffected by the natural elements and can make it much more challenging for intruders to even get into the parking lot area of your building without clearance at the gate. This means that they will have less of an opportunity to scope out the building beforehand as well. You can effectively guarantee the safety of employees who work at the building and valid visitors by installing a large commercial security fence that protects them whenever they are on the property.

If you are updating the security of your commercial building, consider giving Durham Fence & Guardrail a call to install a high-quality commercial fence.

Tips for Commercial Building’s Security