Fencing isn’t a feature reserved solely for homes; it’s also useful for commercial properties in a number of ways. They provide an extra layer of protection around buildings, parking lots, and outdoor areas, preventing people from walking onto the property freely. Some businessowners install fences around dumpsters to keep their buildings tidy and to prevent random people from using them. In certain places, businesses put up fences to form a visual and auditory barrier between themselves and nearby houses they might otherwise disturb.

They may also serve other utilities. In a park or schoolyard, commercial fences create boundaries around sports fields and block stray balls from flying into surrounding parking lots and streets.

Fences are clearly highly adaptable to a plethora of needs. This is largely due to the fact that there are many types of commercial fencing options available. Find the one that suits your requirements by learning about the major fencing categories.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing tends to be more prevalent in residential applications, but it can be a good option for commercial settings, too. When you want to increase the amount of privacy around a building or outdoor area, you can use a wooden fence to hide it from view. You may have wide panels with little to no spacing between them in this case. Wood fences are fitting for smaller enclosures, such as those around dumpsters, as well. Professionals can cut the material into whatever specified shape you desire.

Perhaps wood’s greatest strength is its naturally beautiful appearance. Wood fences can enhance a space by making a statement or blending quietly into the background. For instance, an outdoor seating area may become noticeably more elegant with a large, modern wood fence that blocks out disturbances. A small business can also maintain a welcoming demeanor with a humble wood fence. However, the downside to wood is that you must put more effort into maintenance. The organic quality that makes it so attractive also means it can quickly break down when exposed to water, sunlight, and insects.

Vinyl Fencing

Another material you can choose for your commercial fence is vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic you can find in panels that emulate the look of wood fencing. The advantage it has over wood is that it doesn’t suffer damage from the outside elements. Vinyl by nature doesn’t rot due to moisture, and manufacturers usually include UV-resistance on the material to prevent discoloration. Vinyl fences exist in many colors from which you can choose to complement your building, so you don’t need to paint vinyl fencing like you do with wood, either. This results in a commercial property that has a friendly atmosphere and increased privacy and security at the same time.

Putting up a vinyl fence does take more time than some other alternatives, though. Since it commonly comes in prefabricated panels that fence installers then assemble onsite, it’s also not the most flexible choice. You’re limited by the shape and size of those panels.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is the probably the most utilitarian of the different types of commercial fencing options out there. Whereas most of the other types take aesthetics into account to some degree, chain link fences aren’t the most visually pleasing. Still, they remain a solid choice for countless properties because of how well the perform in other respects. For one, professionals can more easily install chain link fences because they don’t need to assemble many separate pickets to erect the fence. If you need a fence completed in a short time for an affordable price, chain link fencing is your best bet.

Furthermore, this variety of fencing is composed of galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel. These treatments make the metal impervious to weather damage and rusting, so you don’t need to worry about upkeep. In themselves, the steel wire mesh and stakes are strong and can withstand substantial force.

Some circumstances call for barriers that do not limit visibility. Take industrial facilities as an example. Prison owners don’t want inmates using fencing as a cover to hide behind, but they still need something to stop trespassing. Chain link fences are perfect for this because they’re sturdy and allow people to see through them. A concern that some people bring up with chain link fencing is that people can climb it, which nullifies its practicality. This is somewhat true, but installers can include barbed wire on top to stop anyone who attempts to get over the fencing. Some indoor sections in warehouses and factories might also need fencing to provide security for certain equipment or supplies. Unlike other fencing types, chain link fences are implementable within buildings, so they can meet these needs.

Metal Fencing

You may select from two main metals for fences: steel and aluminum. Similar to the steel in chain link fences, the steel and aluminum in metal fences undergo coating processes to make them weather-resistant. This makes them convenient for large commercial plots where it’s hard to keep every portion of the fence under close scrutiny at all times. Steel is the heavier-duty metal that can stand up to impact, while aluminum is more lightweight and easier to bend into appealing styles.

If you’re using metal fencing, you can go down one of two routes when it comes to the fence designs. The first is a commercial security fence. This will often include black posts and vertical and horizontal bars melded together. The vertical bars may extend upwards and bend outward to make the fence more difficult to ascend. Such a fence boasts impressive resilience and an arguably neater appearance than chain link. The second path you can take is to get an ornamental fence. These generally have a shorter height than security fences, and they include small decorative features. Other than that, they’re mostly black with metal posts and bars. Ornamental fences are more robust than wood, but they can still give off a refined feel that boosts a building’s look.

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