If you are planning to sell your home— or you’re open to the possibility of parting ways with it sometime in the future—you want to make sure that it is worth a sizeable amount. In its current state, you may not be able to sell your home as successfully because it has outstanding maintenance issues or needs upgrades to reach its fullest potential. Luckily, given some time, you can make those enhancements to your home to get it to the point where it is highly appealing to buyers. Complete the following ways to improve your home’s resale value, and you will have a house that stands out from the crowd.

Get It Inspected

Before you go about trying to make improvements to your home, you should have a certified inspector look it over to make sure that everything within is in satisfactory condition. This offers a couple of different benefits for you. The inspector can locate structural issues in your foundation, basement, attic, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors. They will also check your electrical, water, and HVAC systems. After receiving the report, you can proceed to address any serious problems so that people who consider buying your home won’t have to deal with them. The fewer problems they see on a home inspector’s report, the more highly they will think of the home as a whole.

Having inspections periodically during your homeownership also shows that you took care to maintain it well over the years, even if there aren’t major problems showing up in all the reports. To put it another way, it can be advantageous to call the inspector every few years regardless of whether you think there are any issues since prospective buyers will appreciate these measures.


An easy way to give your home’s interior and exterior a needed facelift is to paint. Examine those high-traffic areas in your home for signs of wear, such as scratches and chipping. The front doorway may require a new layer of paint because you’ve bumped different items against it as you entered and left your house. Your bathrooms and kitchen may also have stains from water, and in the case of the latter, food. If you cannot eliminate aesthetic blemishes with a thorough cleaning, it’s probably a good idea to paint over them.

Sometimes, you might have a room or two that are in fine form but just don’t appear all that pleasing to most people. For example, you may have a room that you’d previously painted a bright yellow, a deep pink, or an odd blue shade for your kids. When you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, it may help to change the colors of such rooms to more fashionable hues. Neutrals like white and light beige are safe bets.

Improve the Kitchen

Kitchens usually taking up a good chunk of space in your home and provide both utility and charm. For these reasons, a kitchen is well worth upgrading. You don’t necessarily have to go all out and replace every detail and appliance with a shiny new one, since there is a point where your return on investment will diminish. Instead, go for medium-range improvements where you only swap out fixtures that appear noticeably ugly or deteriorated. Stainless steel is popular for components such as faucets because they convey a clean feel. Similarly, clean tile and smooth wood for the flooring make the kitchen feel fresh.

Update the Bathroom

The same principles hold true with your bathrooms. Pay attention to the state of the lighting and plumbing, fixing any issues as they arise and making replacements when parts get too old or disagreeable in appearance. You can also consider updating the sink, floor, tub area, and/or wallpaper to drastically improve the impression that people get when they enter the bathroom. Again, though, you don’t need to make huge changes to increase the value of your home via the bathrooms. Pick those facets that are in the most need of updates. Moreover, simply cleaning the surfaces there routinely will prevent filth from latching onto them and creating more work for you later.

Finish the Basement

People always appreciate more useable space. One method to increase this in your home is to have your basement finished. An unfinished basement is good for little more than storage, but a basement that has completed walls, ceiling, and flooring can act as an extra room. Buyers will more greatly prefer your home over similar homes without this feature, since your basement will immediately appear more versatile.

Furthermore, finishing an existing basement is much easier than building a whole new room above ground. You will add some value to your home without having to tear walls and create structures from scratch. Given a situation where your house and another on the market are similar, you may gain an edge with the finished basement.

Install Fencing

As they take a tour of your home, people will undoubtedly consider the exterior and yard as they weigh whether to buy it. With an attractive and sturdy fence, your house will look more favorable and secure. Choose a style that works well with the architecture of the home and the landscaping. Fashionable styles include metal fences that feature design patterns to elevate them into a realm of sophistication or wooden fences that contribute a warm ambiance. Work with a fence company that will collaborate with you so that you can make the most fitting choice for your home.

As you do this, think about the strengths and weaknesses of the outdoor portion of the house. You may have nice landscaping in the front yard that you don’t want to cover up, in which case, you may want to add a fence around the backyard only. This can offer residents privacy and, perhaps, ameliorate a view that would otherwise be undesirable.

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Improve Home’s Resale Value