Building a fence takes a substantial amount of time and effort to carry out correctly from start to finish. This is why you should put some serious consideration into which fence company you hire for the job. This stands true whether you want a smaller-scale residential fence, a larger commercial fence, or a fence for a public or governmental property. If you don’t research the companies available to you carefully, then you may face costly hindrances in the middle of the construction process or you may find glaring mistakes in your fence after the job is done. Avert these scenarios before they have a chance to occur by knowing what to consider when hiring a fence installation company.

The Types of Fences the Company Builds

At the outset, you should determine what type of fence fulfills your requirements while also looking at what a fence company offers. Do you want a fence purely for utility or will it serve more of a visual function? What kinds of fence materials do you want? While you consider these ideas, you can browse through fence companies’ websites. Performing these two actions simultaneously might seem somewhat confusing, but if you do not have a clear picture of what you want, it can be helpful to view the fences that various companies are capable of building.

From there, you can zero in on a style that best suits your property. You may need a chain-link fence for an industrial facility, an ornamental fence for a stately building, or a humble wooden fence for a home. Find a company that lists the fence type that you want as part of its services. You can also go a step further by locating those companies that specialize in your desired fence style. This will give you greater assurance that the quality of their craftsmanship will be high.

The Standard of the Company’s Work

This brings us to the next part of what to consider when hiring a fence installation company—its standard of work. You should find a company that places importance on creating excellent fences and finishing its projects in a timely manner. If the company focuses too much on getting the job done as quickly as possible, the workers may take shortcuts that ultimately hurt the fence’s integrity. At the same time, you usually don’t want to wait for a project that will take an extremely long time. While speaking with a fence contractor, ask for an estimated timeline of the work to gauge whether the company will be a good fit.

An additional detail to pay attention to regarding a company’s quality is its ties to subcontractors. Preferably, you should hire a company that uses mostly a set group of trained professionals who concentrate on fence installation alone. If a company relies primarily on outside subcontractors, this can be a sign that its standards are lower. The reason for this is that subcontractors are generally under less scrutiny from the fence company and probably do not have as much dedicated skill when it comes to building fences. Some companies hire subcontractors just to save themselves more money, though.

The Level of Experience That the Company Has

Experience also factors into what you can expect from a fence company. The longer it’s been in business, the better. A greater number of years speaks to how the employees have been able to satisfy their customers while following regulations correctly. The company is also more likely to have a deep comprehension of the laws involved with building fences. Moreover, workers will know how to evade mishaps by taking less obvious actions, such as finding utility lines in the ground before starting their work.

Survey a fence company’s previous clients and scan through a catalog of its past projects as well. What organization or people has the company worked for before? Go for a company that has lots of experience in the field that corresponds with you. For example, if you are representing the local government, you should hire a company that has already constructed fences at the municipal level. This way, you’ll know that the installers are already familiar with your specific needs. By considering the company’s past projects, you’ll also be able to get an idea of its work quality.

The Fence Company’s Reputability

Although all else might appear fine, if a fence company isn’t reputable, it’s probably better to look elsewhere. When considering this aspect, check first that they have all the proper licenses that they need to operate legally. A trustworthy company will also be a part of the American Fence Association. For each job it takes, a fence company should know to obtain the corresponding permits as well. Insurance is yet another key element to look out for. With it, the company will be able to cover the costs of accidents, especially those that have negatively affected your neighbors in some way.

Having checked their credentials, you should then proceed to read through external reviews from clients. A quick Google search should take you to sites such as Yelp where people can post their experience with the company. You may gain some insight here that proves useful in picking out a company to hire. Just remember that you shouldn’t take every review as completely concrete. Rather, try to gain the overall character of the company by reading multiple reviews and identifying the recurring strengths and weaknesses that people reference. Searching up the fence company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau is also a reliable way to figure out its reputability. An A+ score is the best, so an installation company that has it will most likely be very dependable.

With all of this new information in mind, you can begin your hunt for a capable and honest fence installation company. If you’re trying to find such a fence company in CT, contact Durham Fence & Guardrail for a free consultation and estimate. We’ve been serving clients in the state and beyond for more than thirty-five years.

What To Consider When Hiring a Fence Installation Company