Owning and caring for an animal is both a responsibility and a privilege. Animals are like children in many ways, as we must worry about their well-being at all times. All too often, we find our animals in the most unlikely situations that may harm their health. One of the best ways to protect your horses is by installing an equestrian fence, but it’s important to know what to expect.

Fence Color

Do you love the look of a white fence surrounding the perimeter of your home? If that is the case, then you might be happy to know white is the best color for your equestrian fence. Go with white because it is a bright color, so your horses can see it the best. Moreover, a white fence stands out against the natural colors of greens, browns, and yellows. You want to make sure your horse can see that barrier so they don’t run into the fence and injure themselves.

Board Fencing

Many types of fencing are available, so you might be wondering about the best fencing for your horses. Board fencing is a common and popular option for horse owners, as it is very easy for your horses to see. What’s more, the construction of these fences also helps decrease the chances of injury in the event that your horse collides with it.

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Fence Height

As you know, horses are regal, standing tall in stature, which makes them amazing jumpers. Moreover, horses are skittish animals, so it is easy for them to get spooked. This can result in horses jumping the fence for an escape. Expect to install an equestrian fence that is at least five feet tall. A shorter fence will be an easy structure for your horse to jump over.

What To Expect When Installing an Equestrian Fence

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