If you’re tired of making a trip all the way to your local rec center just to go for a swim amongst lots of other people, having a pool built in your backyard is a fantastic solution. The presence of a pool does also bring with it special considerations, though, one of which is whether you should have a fence surrounding its perimeter. Think about these reasons why building a fence around your pool is smart in order to make your decision on the matter.

It Improves Safety

As fun as a pool is, for those who do not know how to swim, it can be a deadly hazard. Without a barrier of some sort, there is an increased likelihood that people can accidentally fall in as they walk by. This is especially true for young children who may exercise less caution near the pool and possess worse coordination skills than grownups. By putting up a fence, you can circumvent a dangerous situation where a child slips into the pool unnoticed.

It Provides Privacy

When your yard is in full view of the street or nearby homes, a fence can also supply you with privacy. It will allow you to fully relax when you want without fear of prying eyes or outside distractions. A fence will also stop unwelcome visitors from entering the vicinity or using the pool without your permission. With these issues stopped, your pool area will be the kind of oasis you envisioned.

It Fulfills Law Requirements

Your local government and the state you live in may have laws that require you to put up residential fencing, in which case you must comply. Check for these regulations so that you know whether a fence is needed by law. You may also find that there are specific dimensional criteria that your fence must meet. These may include guidelines for height, the type of gate you have, and the spacing between pickets.