When you think of a fence, two images probably come to mind. The first is the small residential fencing that is common in suburban areas. The second is the ugly, harsh metal fencing around large buildings that puts utility far above aesthetics. A commercial privacy fence can, however, reach a middle ground that promotes appearance and efficacy. Consider some of these reasons why you need a commercial privacy fence. It could be that a good fence is just what your building needs.


As you may gather from the name, a commercial privacy fence provides a degree of separation from the surrounding area. This can come in handy if your building is located adjacent to homes, as it will prevent you and the residents from disturbing each other. Privacy may also be a fundamental part of your business, and a fence can show that you care about the confidentiality of the people who visit. This can be the case for places such as law firms or accounting firms.


In order to keep employees, customers, and any visitors safe on the premises of your building, you may want to have a fence built. It will serve as an added barrier to prohibit unwanted interlopers from gaining entry. The fence can also block off your parking lot area from loiterers and questionable people, especially at night.


Just because your fence is practical does not mean it must make your building look severe. On the contrary, with a measured design, it can make the building look more professional and trustworthy. Just as you would with a house, you can complement your structure’s architectural elements with a fence that is consistent with it in appearance. You should account for material, color, and shape when making decisions to increase the appeal of your fence.

If you need a commercial privacy fence for your building, call Durham Fence & Guardrail. With our familiarity with all types of fencing from small to large-scale projects, we’ll be able to install a fitting fence for your business.