When your place of business contains sensitive materials, expensive equipment, and assets you can’t lose, you must secure them. This means limiting entry and exit to your commercial property by installing a set of automatic gates. Unlike manual gates, automatic gates bear several advantages that make them a natural addition to any property. Here’s a closer look at why you should install automatic gates in commercial settings.

Sending the Right Message

Look around your neighborhood. Nestled among the bushes in your neighbor’s front yard, you’ll probably see a small sign or placard announcing that the home is proudly protected by a certain company. This alone acts as a deterrent to would-be burglars, warning them that any attempts to break and enter will result in a swift call to the authorities. Moving from the residential sphere to the commercial, think of automatic gates as those warning signs. Gates accomplish the function of keeping unwanted guests from accessing your business’s driveway, and their mere existence on the premises also asserts that security is of the utmost importance to the location. Any trespasser who jumps or breaks down the gates can expect a quick response and a stern punishment—and can’t say they weren’t warned.

Appearance Is Everything

Automatic gates also send the message that your business is on the technological vanguard. That can be important on a business-to-business basis, too. Automatic gate systems are sophisticated operations, and if you’re embracing them, that means you understand the technology and understand its value. A company that takes security seriously is one worth doing business with—potential partners will realize you know your stuff.

Ease of Use

Unlike manual security operations, automatic gates are easy to use, and with the advent of smartphone apps, using them has never been easier. Part of why you should install automatic gates in commercial settings is to make your life easier. You can open and close your gates with a remote, or you can do so remotely through an app, allowing guests, employees, or vendors access to your facility while you’re working in another location or even just staying in bed.

Long-Lasting Construction

To be sure, automatic gates are an investment. That’s why manufacturers and retailers make sure you get the most out of that investment. Unlike manual gates, which often use iron or traditional steel, most automatic gates on the market feature aluminum and stainless-steel construction that resists corrosion and will last for years. As one of Connecticut’s leading commercial fencing contractors, Durham Fence Company specializes in providing our clients with fencing and automatic gates that will boast easy operation and fine aesthetics and do so over the long run, too. We look forward to installing your new set of automatic gates—and we don’t expect to replace them any time soon.