State roads and national highways aren’t the only ones that should stay safe. Important arterials and side streets that lie outside the jurisdiction of your state Department of Transportation may traverse rough terrain that calls for some added safety measures—namely, the installation of guardrails along one or both shoulders of the road.

There are several types of guardrail to choose from, ranging from tense steel cabling to the heavy concrete ramparts of the Jersey barrier. The W beam, named for its wide corrugation pattern, may be your best choice. Here’s a closer look at why you should install W beam highway guardrails along the trickier roads within your county or municipality.

Easy and Affordable Installation

We realize that budgets are anything but infinite. The W beam can strike the ideal balance between safety capabilities and installation expenses. Jersey barriers—the low walls of concrete you most commonly see on interstate highways and in construction zones—are the heaviest but most expensive guardrail. They’re costly to manufacture and transport. W beams require much less labor to produce and install while still providing a great deal of safety along roads. Because W beams can attach directly to posts, there’s no need for offset blocks between them, which reduces costs.

Long-Lasting Safety

Even against the corrosion that metal can face against the elements, road salt, and even seawater, W beams are built to last. Anti-rust treatments keep W beams intact throughout the years, preventing them from weakening or breaking down without even having absorbed a collision. If your W beam should do its job and bear the brunt of a crash, their modular installation makes repairing a given stretch easy, but in the meantime, consider your W beams in place for the long haul.

Reduce Crash Severity

Without guardrails in place, a car in an accident could roll and tumble far from the road itself, incurring significant additional damage along the way. By installing W beam guardrails to absorb the impact, they can restrain errant cars and reduce the severity of the crash. More affordable guardrail styles, such as the wood-and-cable model, resemble a farm’s fence and are much less effective against impact—often breaking entirely and failing to constrain the crash.

Choose Durham Fence for W Beam Installation

Not only do you have options when it comes to guardrail styles, but you also have options when it comes to guardrail installation contractors. If you’re convinced as to why you should install W beam highway guardrails, consider that Durham Fence Company is an experienced supplier and installer of this valuable safety equipment. Contact us today to further explore how we can keep your county or municipality safer.