When considering the safety of your customers, freak accidents or attacks can happen. Keep them safe by installing certain features. Learn why your commercial property needs bollard posts to understand how they make a pedestrian’s experience there safe and convenient.

Protect From Car Accidents

In high-traffic foot areas, such as the outside of your building, pedestrians are more exposed to getting injured from a car accident than they realize. Bollard posts will absorb the hit of the vehicles, stopping them from reaching any people behind them.

Protect From Intentional Attacks

Bollard posts have become standard outside of stadiums and government buildings for their ability to protect people from direct attacks. Attackers can use their vehicles as battering rams to crash into your building’s entrance or pedestrian areas. They could even crash through the building and injure the people inside. Bollard posts will stop any vehicle from driving onto the sidewalk, whether it’s internal or unintentional.

It’s Handicap-Friendly

When they’re choosing where to define pedestrian and driving areas, most builders put in curbs around the sidewalk. However, curbs are a daily nuisance for those with wheelchairs or another disability. You can make the sidewalk street level with bollard posts, so a ramped entrance isn’t necessary. This might seem like a small detail, but to disabled individuals, the consideration can be a reason to keep coming back to your business.

After exploring why your commercial property needs bollard posts, their necessity to ensure the safety of your customers becomes apparent. Head to Durham Fence Co. if you’re interested in improving the safety of your property. As highway guardrail contractors, we can help make your site safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.